Remember the Hourglass

Just over a month ago, I attended a funeral for a family friend. Ed, Dan, and I were going to be in Florida anyway, for a wedding, and my mom had suggested I visit Leslie in hospice when we visited as it would likely be my last chance. I suppose I refused to accept the reality of her condition, and said something like, “I’ll think about it.” Leslie passed away a few days before we even left Indiana. Instead of planning for a visit, I wound… Read More »Remember the Hourglass

News – Accepting Clients for 2016

Ed and I recently moved to Indiana, and with the chaos of that combined with Christmas over, we’re finally somewhat settled in. Particularly, my office is functional. Therefore, I am officially accepting new clients for 2016. If you could use a writer or editor and want to talk to me about your project, contact me and we can chat. Other news: you’ll see my work showing up again on SpaceFlight Insider when I have time to contribute, I intend to publish a short story or… Read More »News – Accepting Clients for 2016

Hand Soap Label Printables

This isn’t exactly a “design” blog or a “graphics” blog, but from time to time I do design things for myself and every once in a while I think it would be nice for other people to have access to them. In this case, Ed wanted to reuse a shower gel bottle for hand soap and suggested making a custom label. I assumed it would be easy to find some suitable free printable online. I was mistaken. Thus, I wound… Read More »Hand Soap Label Printables

On Fortunes and Men

In the last twenty-four hours I have spoken with two men whose disparate fortunes have caused me to pause. One is in his mid-sixties, one is in his early fifties, neither follows the Lord, and both are pondering their own mortality. The first man engaged in a long conversation about myriad topics. Religion featured heavily, but we also spoke of life, work, science, and other things. In the course of conversation he mentioned that his business has recently “gone bad” and that at his… Read More »On Fortunes and Men

Death Float 2015: The Time We Accidentally Rode a Pool Toy Down Class 3 Rapids

Ed and I recently returned from a lengthy journey during which we traversed many states and visited many people we know. Most of our travels were fairly conventional, which is not always desirable, so after about a week and a half of relative relaxation I started getting a little annoyed that there wasn’t much in the way of adventure on the trip. Then this happened, which (mostly) shut me up about adventure for the next several weeks. We were taking a cabin weekend with some… Read More »Death Float 2015: The Time We Accidentally Rode a Pool Toy Down Class 3 Rapids

News – Changed Name

Just a quick update: I have recently gotten married and have tacked my husband’s last name onto mine, so if you’re looking for just Rae Botsford the writer, you have indeed found her! Just be aware that my name may be listed as “Rae Botsford” in some places (where I haven’t caught up yet, or in my older published stories) and “Rae Botsford End” in others.

How Ed Proposed

So, I knew Ed was going to propose at some point. We were in the car together one day when my dad called instead of texting in response to Ed’s request for a dinner meeting, so I knew he had asked my parents for their blessing. But weeks had passed since then. Ed had had foot surgery in mid-August, so he’d been rolling around on a knee scooter and then hobbling about in a boot, and he insisted that because… Read More »How Ed Proposed

News – So Busy

I have gotten to be rather busy, and as such I have stopped doing much web design and have rearranged my schedule significantly. White papers and SpaceFlight Insider are my high priorities, as well as a few web clients I have retained and the revising process of my own novel. And I’m trying to plan my wedding. But life is good! If you are interested in hiring me, please do contact me and we’ll see what my schedule looks like.

Unfair joy found in serving God

It happens sometimes – probably, in fact, much more often than not – that the service to which God calls us is as much for us as it is for those we serve. He will often, I believe, put us in places where we will benefit even though we only signed up to benefit others. I still play bass at my old church, though now just on on Saturday nights, because I originally felt I was called to do so, given… Read More »Unfair joy found in serving God