New Photos by Matthieu Picard

You may have noticed, if you follow my writer page on Facebook, that I’ve recently updated my profile photos. This is the post that gives credit to the artist! Our young and gifted friend Matthieu Picard took the time to walk all over the Butler campus with me looking for backgrounds I liked. He does a lot of stuff besides photography, and there’s no public link I can give you right now, but if you know him, you can follow… Read More »New Photos by Matthieu Picard

News – Ba’byl, a short story, is now available on Amazon

“Ba’byl” is a strange little story I wrote a few years ago about a traveler who visits a dying kingdom and has a conversation with the queen who built it. I rediscovered the story in my files this year and fell in love with my own work—which, as any writer can tell you, is a rare and wonderful event—so I had a couple of people give it a fresh look, then tweaked it a bit to prepare it for publication. My plans for a glorious… Read More »News – Ba’byl, a short story, is now available on Amazon

News – Accepting Clients for 2016

Ed and I recently moved to Indiana, and with the chaos of that combined with Christmas over, we’re finally somewhat settled in. Particularly, my office is functional. Therefore, I am officially accepting new clients for 2016. If you could use a writer or editor and want to talk to me about your project, contact me and we can chat. Other news: you’ll see my work showing up again on SpaceFlight Insider when I have time to contribute, I intend to publish a short story or… Read More »News – Accepting Clients for 2016

News – Changed Name

Just a quick update: I have recently gotten married and have tacked my husband’s last name onto mine, so if you’re looking for just Rae Botsford the writer, you have indeed found her! Just be aware that my name may be listed as “Rae Botsford” in some places (where I haven’t caught up yet, or in my older published stories) and “Rae Botsford End” in others.

News – So Busy

I have gotten to be rather busy, and as such I have stopped doing much web design and have rearranged my schedule significantly. White papers and SpaceFlight Insider are my high priorities, as well as a few web clients I have retained and the revising process of my own novel. And I’m trying to plan my wedding. But life is good! If you are interested in hiring me, please do contact me and we’ll see what my schedule looks like.

News – Assistant Editor at SFI, Editor at Viera MD

Well, I’m now an assistant editor at SpaceFlight Insider, and the first issue of Viera MD magazine with my name listed under “editor” is out. SpaceFlight Insider has some advertising spots available, so please do contact me if your business might benefit from sponsoring SFI! As for Viera MD, we need events for the next issue’s calendar! I’ll take any Viera-local, health-centric events in July, August, or September that are open to the public (they don’t have to be free).… Read More »News – Assistant Editor at SFI, Editor at Viera MD

News – Writing for Bluewater Creative Group

For the last few months, I’ve been writing for Bluewater Creative Group as a freelancer. I wrote several articles for the December and January issues of their publication Viera Voice, and in February, you’ll be able to see my work in Senior Life and the annual Boomer Guide publication. I’ve also spent time in the office proofing articles and verifying information for the Boomer Guide. I’ll update my portfolio section with clips soon!

News – Simone & The Supercats

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