Hand Soap Label Printables

This isn’t exactly a “design” blog or a “graphics” blog, but from time to time I do design things for myself and every once in a while I think it would be nice for other people to have access to them. In this case, Ed wanted to reuse a shower gel bottle for hand soap […]

On Fortunes and Men

In the last twenty-four hours I have spoken with two men whose disparate fortunes have caused me to pause. One is in his mid-sixties, one is in his early fifties, neither follows the Lord, and both are pondering their own mortality. The first man engaged in a long conversation about myriad topics. Religion featured heavily, but we also […]

How Ed Proposed

So, I knew Ed was going to propose at some point. We were in the car together one day when my dad called instead of texting in response to Ed’s request for a dinner meeting, so I knew he had asked my parents for their blessing. But weeks had passed since then. Ed had had […]

Unfair joy found in serving God

It happens sometimes – probably, in fact, much more often than not – that the service to which God calls us is as much for us as it is for those we serve. He will often, I believe, put us in places where we will benefit even though we only signed up to benefit others. […]

My First Dungeons & Dragons Side Quest

I just had my first Dungeons & Dragons experience. It was fun, but two of us were new and we spent so much time trying to figure out our character sheets that we all barely got a taste of the DM’s story before the evening needed to end. The DM did bravely attempt to hold one side quest, but […]

Reprint: An Afternoon in Mom’s Kitchen

Remember when I said I was planning to bring some of my best Blogger posts over to my new WordPress? No? Well, I did. This is one of my earliest blog posts ever, and one of my most popular ones, originally posted on 12 July 2009. I’ve since learned to cook some things (out of […]

A Ramble on the Four School Subjects

I loved school when I was a kid. I enjoyed at least some aspects of it all the way through my college graduation in May 2011. Lately I’ve been pondering the four main categories of subjects: math, English, science, and history. I loved math and English, was less fond of science, and hated history (and “social […]

Adjö, Volvo

Well, it finally happened. Ed’s Volvo is no more. At least, it is no longer Ed’s, and will likely be scrapped in the near future. Ed and I drove the Volvo up from Florida to Pennsylvania for Christmas. Aside from all the usual problems (aesthetic, mechanical, and otherwise), this was fine. Uneventful. It rode happily […]

Merry Christmas!

I decided to make my own Christmas cards this year, and as I was designing it, I decided I preferred the way half-page cards looked. I also did not have access to a paper cutter, and the printer I was going to be using could not do borderless printing. This meant I spent a lot […]