Hand Soap Label Printables

This isn’t exactly a “design” blog or a “graphics” blog, but from time to time I do design things for myself and every once in a while I think it would be nice for other people to have access to them. In this case, Ed wanted to reuse a shower gel bottle for hand soap and suggested making a custom label. I assumed it would be easy to find some suitable free printable online. I was mistaken.

Thus, I wound up designing a couple of fancy labels myself, one for the guest bathroom and the other for our increasingly-Alice-in-Wonderland-themed kitchen, using various free/stock elements from all over the Internet. These labels are free for personal use, and I’m pretty sure that’s all I can authorize based on the permissions given for the various elements I incorporated (see below for list and links).


You can click the image or here to download the .png file, or click here to get the .xcf file to customize it in GIMP.

Elements used:

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