I started a Substack email newsletter…

I have started a newsletter on Substack! It’s called Letters by Rae Botsford End, and I hope it feels exactly like that.

If you subscribe, you’ll receive a monthly email with a mix of my well-written thoughts, personal and professional updates, and links or other content that I think others would find useful or beautiful. I don’t love that there’s a weird overlap on the “blog” side of things, but there are no comments allowed on my Substack archive and only subscribers can reply directly to the emails, so it doesn’t feel the same as this WordPress-based website blog.

The quieter-than-social-media approach is a giant part of the appeal for me. You can enjoy a little bit of my writing directly in your inbox, at a reasonable (slow) pace, if you want.

You can read the first one here: https://raebotsfordend.substack.com/p/the-creative-process-and-fear-of

Get more information and/or subscribe here: https://raebotsfordend.substack.com/about

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