New Photos by Matthieu Picard

You may have noticed, if you follow my writer page on Facebook, that I’ve recently updated my profile photos. This is the post that gives credit to the artist! Our young and gifted friend Matthieu Picard took the time to walk all over the Butler campus with me looking for backgrounds I liked. He does a lot of stuff besides photography, and there’s no public link I can give you right now, but if you know him, you can follow his private Instagram (@forzafaithful) to see many, many beautiful portraits, including a series called #HumansofBloomington featuring homeless men and women in Bloomington, IN. Thank you again, Matthieu!

My website also has a completely new design, which I built on the Neve WordPress theme. Go click around!

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  1. Awh thank you Rae!

  2. Awesome Rae!

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