News – Accepting Clients for 2016

Ed and I recently moved to Indiana, and with the chaos of that combined with Christmas over, we’re finally somewhat settled in. Particularly, my office is functional. Therefore, I am officially accepting new clients for 2016. If you could use a writer or editor and want to talk to me about your project, contact me and we can chat.

Other news: you’ll see my work showing up again on SpaceFlight Insider when I have time to contribute, I intend to publish a short story or two this year, and I’m also actively revising my novel such that if it’s not done this year, I’ll be both surprised and annoyed with myself.

And I’m working on some visual updates to the website! One of those things is combining the “news” section that was previously on the front page with my general blog. News posts are typically short and directly related to what’s going on with my business of writing. Everything else is simply everything else. I am retroactively adding in the old news posts so they won’t be gone; they’ll just be in here, with the rest.

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