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I started a Substack email newsletter…

I have started a newsletter on Substack! It’s called Letters by Rae Botsford End, and I hope it feels exactly like that. If you subscribe, you’ll receive a monthly email with a mix of my well-written thoughts, personal and professional updates, and links or other content that I think others

Writing from the Heart: Authentic vs. Didactic Stories

I’ve been stuck for a while on a short story I’ve been writing, and I think I’ve finally found a path forward. It seems the problem was that I was trying to use story to explain something to a non-specific audience. This created a few problems. The most obvious issue

When the World is Chaotic and I Feel Small

In December 2016, I wrote a blog post called, “Now What?” that listed things I felt were important at a time when the world seemed particularly dark and chaotic. I recently ran into my list again, and it still seems like good advice, even though I was much younger when

New Photos by Matthieu Picard

You may have noticed, if you follow my writer page on Facebook, that I’ve recently updated my profile photos. This is the post that gives credit to the artist! Our young and gifted friend Matthieu Picard took the time to walk all over the Butler campus with me looking for

Memento Mori

We were in Florida recently for my brother’s wedding, staying at a friend’s house, and I wound up in the emergency room with tremendous chest pain the night before we flew home. It was just inflammation in my lungs from the virus I’d had all week (and, I believe, my

Greece Mission

I’m excited to announce that this April, God willing, Ed and I will be going on a mission trip to Greece! We’re joining a group from the Indiana House of Prayer and Equipping (IHOPE),¬†some of whom we know from church and some of whom we’re getting to know for the