Adjö, Volvo

Well, it finally happened. Ed’s Volvo is no more. At least, it is no longer Ed’s, and will likely be scrapped in the near future. Ed and I drove the Volvo up from Florida to Pennsylvania for Christmas. Aside from all the usual problems (aesthetic, mechanical, and otherwise), this was fine. Uneventful. It rode happily enough for the next week in PA, and nothing unusual happened until we went to a LAN party and someone else drove the car to and… Read More »Adjö, Volvo

My Week with Ed’s Car

Ed’s been teaching me how to drive manual transmission for a while, and he’s been after me to trade cars for a week so I would be forced to get more comfortable with it. Ed’s car is not exactly a nice car. Ed’s car is a 1997 Volvo 850 with terrible air conditioning, broken radio buttons, old leather seats that look like the Ringwraith-stabbed pillows in the Prancing Pony, and a headliner (interior roof fabric) that’s held in place by… Read More »My Week with Ed’s Car